What toxins are lurking in your makeup?

Get the full story and watch these Videos:  What toxins are lurking in your makeup?                                                                               The Toxins Lurking in Your Cosmetic Bag

Author: Ruth Spencer, Anchor/Consumer Reporter Published On: Feb 14 2012 11:04:01 AM EST  Updated On: Feb 14 2012 11:40:43 AM EST

Ruth wrote that Americans spend 8 billion dollars a year on their beauty products, but they might want to think twice about some of the toxins lurking on your makeup bag.  She warns that the FDA doesn’t approve ingredients in beauty products because it can be hard to regulate harmful toxins in cosmetics. Jennifer Taggart a consumer advocate said that cosmetics may have hormone disrupters in them and may contain carcinogens.

Be on the lookout for what is really inside your makeup.

1.   Avoid Fragrance: You don’t want synthetic fragrance because they have pthalates.  Pthalates make things absorb better to the skin so scents last longer and lotions look creamier. They are also a Hormone Disrupter, which can interfere with the body’s natural hormones, leading to the potential for health problems.

2.   Be careful of the words Fragrance Free:  That only mean there is no scent. The product could still contain pthaltes.

3.  Also, be aware of Parabens:  an estrogen mimicker, used as a preservative. A 2004 study discovered measurable concentrations of parabens have been found in biopsy samples of breast tumors, but did not show it causes cancer. For now, the FDA says consumers are not at risk.

The author also warns of Formaldehyde found in Brazilian Blowout hair treatments used to straighten curly hair.  Last year the government listed Formaldehyde as a Carcinogen: a substance that could cause cancer. Formaldehyde is also used to prevent contamination in many cosmetics.  Moreover, these toxins cause concern as irritants to the skin. Look for products labeled Hypo-Allergenic to avoid concern.

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Nuegreen.com carries 100s of Paraben Free Cosmetics
Nuegreen.com carries 100s of Paraben Free Cosmetics

3 thoughts on “What toxins are lurking in your makeup?

  1. Figure out how many products you use in a day and how often you use them. Add them up over a week, a month and a year. You could be receiving 10 – 100 times what the FDA deems safe. If you receive high levels of Hormone disrupters from your body care products and add them to a large amounts of soy products (on a vegan diet) – Do you think it might contribute to a Thyroid condition? Add in inflammation form high sugar intake. It all starts to take a toll on the body. Changing your diet is hard enough, but changing what you use ON your body is an easy 1st step and will have a huge impact on your health.

  2. LEAD IN LIPSTICK. well, i’m interested to see if the experts Cathy Marshall talked to even care about trace levels of lead in cosmetics.

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