Google Reverses Ban On Vitamins and Supplements

October 1, 2012

When I woke up this morning – – – I could not believe my eyes. 

After 3 long months it appears the war is over.  You are once again allowed to use Google Shopping to search and compare for Vitamins and Supplements. It seems like more than a year ago that we informed you that the search engine giant had changed their policy; blocking the searches for Herbs, Vitamins, Supplements and Homeopathic Remedies.

What was most alarming was there was absolutely no media chatter or blog buzz about it and Google certainly was not saying anything. Then, a short time after our  July blog Google Brings EU Products Ban to America we saw an increase in stories about this topic.  It appears that many others were just as upset over Google’s decision to arbitrarily ban these product from their Shopping engine.  As of today, there are dozens of articles who have since out ranked our blog. Most of them were just re-posting Nuegreen’s story, but that’s all we wanted.

     Nuegreen would like to thank every single website who got this message out..     We all did it!  As of today, October 1, 2012 everyone is now free again to search for Vitamins, Supplements, Herbs and Homeopathic Remedies. (including non-steroidal nasal sprays)

What caused Google to change their position? We will probably never know the truth.  Over the past three months Nuegreen has invested 1000’s of hours trying to regain our site “relevance” due to Google’s algorithmic changes. Last week alone I personally spent over 60 hours, 15 of those on the phone to Google, working to get our products back up in the searches.

Please understand that Google still has some strict rules on the use of hundreds of words and it can take some more time for us to receive approvals to use all of them. A good example is our effort to promote the fact that we sell liquid herbal extracts from a company named Herb Pharm. Google prohibits the use of the words Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical, Pharmaceuticals, Pharma and or any other form of the word including PHARM. We had to go through an over 3+ business day reviewing process, just to receive approval. Once we found out we could use the word, it took another 3+ business days to receive an approval for our revisions to the advertisement.  Two weeks for one word is nuts.

Please understand that it may be some time before your searches begin to yield more accurate results, but it is a huge start. Perhaps Google heard enough voices to notice it had gone against its’ own mission statement to, “Do No Harm” and on their own reversed the ban.  Who knows? It may have been a friendly call from Steve Noviello – Fox 4 News Dallas that woke them up to what they had done.

The Bottom line is: Google, you did the right thing.  Our Liberty to pursue organic and natural alternative products goes on and our Freedom of choice upheld.    For now

(To be continued)