October 21, 2013                                    ___________                   ____________         by Robert Zito

thenuegreendietThis could be the best FREE advice you every receive! Years of expert’s findings with the latest in Nutritional Science, combined with an All Natural approach.

In light of the recent media attention linking Alzheimer’s to high sugar consumption and the new book Grain Brain, I wanted to again point out some of the simplest ways to cut sugar out of your diet. Sugar is a chronic problem in Obesity with the average American woman consuming 335 more calories than just 10 years ago. Sugar harms every organ that it inflames, including the Brain.  The following are a few steps from The Nuegreen Diet.

 Step 1: Change your definition of the word DIET

Your diet should not be something that deprives you. It is what empowers you to be in control of the foods you are eating. Do Not starve yourself, this only slows your metabolism and counters your attempt to lose weight. However, you need to know what your Normal Daily Calorie Intake should be. It’s simply your (Body Weight X 12). You only need to remove 200 calories from that number to lose weight. Your Daily Calorie number will go down as you lose the weight.  


  1. Eliminate ALL Sugary Drinks (Orange Juice too) – 5 times as many calories are stored as fat because it contains Fructose.
  2. Anyplace with a Drive-thru – everything contains High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), Sodium, 0 fiber and twice the calories as the equivalent home cooked meal.
  3. NO Frozen Entrées – They are heavily processed, High in Fat, Salt, Fructose, Sucrose, Preservatives, 0 Fiber. 
  4. Never Eat Canned Soups – loaded with sodium and starches – fresh is best to receive the nutrients you need.
  5. Bread & Snack Aisles – Pre-made Mixes, Cookies (Soft type / worst) anything with Enriched Flour & Sucrose.
This step alone can cut in half your daily intake of Glucose, Fructose and Sucrose – (Fructose joined to Glucose).

Step 2: The Must Have List
The following is the list of the most highly effect, All Natural aids, that can help block and burn many of those extra calories. The following links will help provide a little information about what they are.

          The 5 must have Supplements                3 must have Teas

White Kidney Bean Extract                          Pu Erh Tea
Garcina Cambogia                                       Oolong Tea
Green Coffee Bean Extract                           White Tea
Sea Buckthorn
Raspberry Ketone

Fat Burning Teas
Fat Burning Teas

Gone are the days when Ephedrine, Fen Phen and other powerful stimulants which were sold as diet pills. Making your heart beat faster proved not to be a very safe method and did little or nothing to increase your metabolic rate. The products I have pointed out have been used safely around the world for thousands of years. Fortunately, science has advanced to the level where we are now able to understand how and why they can aid in weight loss.

Step 3: Start Your Education
A lot of things have changed over the past twenty years. Not only have portion sizes gotten bigger, but the amount of calories you absorb from them has changed too. Once you understand how sugar affects every organ in your body and how it is converted into fat, the more motivated you will be to remove it from your diet.  Also, learn how Fructose tricks your body’s insulin response, which is how your brain knows that you have consumed calories. Watch:  60 Minutes – Is Sugar Toxic?, then watch the lecture by Dr. Robert H. Lustig, M.D.: Sugar the Bitter Truth. He is the Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology at University of California, San Francisco, and Director of the Weight Assessment for Teen and Child Health (WATCH) Program at UCSF.  I encourage you to do some of your own searching on the ill effects of sugar. Learn how sugar inflames everything from joints, to your intestines and even the heart. Understand that Fructose/Sucrose is a toxin in your system. It produces the bi-product, Uric Acid, known to cause Gout. It also produces increased amounts of Small Dense LDL, regarded as a leading cause of arterial blockage and heart attacks.

Nuegreen’s Total Weight Loss Package


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