We would like to re-post this information about sugar as a reminder for parents not to go overboard on that Easter candy. Learn why sugar was substituted for fat in processed foods. Also, see the correlation of sugar to diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Gout and Metabolic Syndrome.

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This film received a lot of attention at the Sundance Film Festival, it focuses on the sugar industry and its effect on the health of Americans. Experts Dr. Lustig, Dr. Kessler, Dr. Hyman and Dr. Ludwig all speak to this epidemic. Narrated by Katie Couric.

Is Sugar Toxic?
Is Sugar Toxic? 4/2012
60 Minutes2
Is Sugar Toxic? 8/2012
Sugar the Bitter Truth Dr. Robert H. Lustig
original pub 4/3/2012 last revised 4/8/2014

Please remember It All Adds Up. Take steps to reduce your sugar consumption. Beginning to educate yourself and understand how it effects your body. Please watch the 60 Minutes segment that aired a few months ago: Is Sugar Toxic? It is a great introduction to Dr. Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology: Sugar the Bitter Truth.

Understand just how bad Fructose and Sucrose are for our bodies.

A single bond links Fructose and Glucose to form Sucrose

Here are some Facts:

  • Adult women consume 335 more calories than just 10 years ago.
  • Sucrose is Fructose linked to Glucose.
  • All Calories are NOT equal
  • 100% of the calories from Fructose pass into the liver compared to 20% for Glucose.
  • The Liver is the only organ in our body that can process Fructose.
  • 30% of all Fructose consumed is converted into fat.  Glucose is almost none.
  • Fructose is (by definition) a toxin to your system.

For any parent who has handed their child a 20 ounce bottle of Gatorade, this is a must watch.  You need to understand that it is the equivalent of 5 servings for a child and contains 50% sucrose.

You may also view these videos in’s  Video library.


Do “All Natural” Fat Blockers Work?

____________________________________________________________________________________By Robert Zito

weight loss supplementsThere has been much talk lately over All Natural, Fat Blocking Supplements and if they work. White Kidney Bean Extract, Garcinia Cambogia with HCA, Green Coffee Bean Extract with CGA, Sea Buckthorn, Raspberry Ketones and several Teas containing EGCG & Gallic Acid, all aid the body’s ability to blast fat.  They work in a number of different and effective ways to promote weight loss. White Kidney Bean Extract works by blocking Starches from being broken down into sugar chains that then get absorbed into the blood stream and eventually stored as fat.  HCA and GCA are acids that work in the Liver to interrupt De Novo Lipogenisis, which is the conversion of Citrate, (a byproduct of ATP in the mitochondria) by certain enzymes (ACL, ACC, FAS) to fat. Several Teas have been found to contain Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and Gallic Acid, which helps your body burn glucose and slows the release of sugars into the blood stream. One thing is for certain, the science is there to show exactly how they work.  Please use the links below to view several Dr. Oz video demonstrations on how each of these products work.

Fructose linked to Glucose forms Sucrose

The real question is… Why do we need the supplements?  The answer is Fructose. Since the early 70’s it has been added to everything we eat. You may also have heard of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and Sucrose. Sucrose is simply Fructose bonded to a Glucose molecule and separates as soon as it enters the stomach and enters the Blood stream as Fructose.  Fructose is a toxin. Glucose is a sugar our bodies will accept with only about 20% of which enters the liver and is converted to Glycogen. Our bodies are designed to safely process Gylcogen and only a small percentage ever gets converted to fat. Fructose on the other hand, cannot be used by any other organ in the body and 100 percent of it winds up in the Liver. It produces dangerous byproducts such as Uric Acid which is known to cause Gout and is now linked to Hypertension. It causes a high increase in the amount of Small Dense LDL in the blood stream, which triples the odds of Coronary Heart Disease. Also, your body will store 30% more calories from Fructose, as fat. This is now seen as a big problem, 5 times the amount of Fructose entering the Liver and more of it being stored as fat.

breadlabelTo avoid all of these foods would be nearly impossible. Go down any grocery store bread aisle and you will find some form of Fructose in 95% of the items. That simple treat can turn out to be 5 times worse than you thought. If you only had a few indulgences a week on an otherwise healthy diet, you’re likely to still be adding on the pounds. To compound the problem, foods have been stripped of fiber. Fiber slows the absorption of sugar, without it you are receiving a big dosage, faster. Fast food is worse than you think. Watch Sugar the Bitter Truth, by Dr. Robert H. Lustig MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology. He points out the fact that there are only 7 items at McDonalds that do not contain HFCS. But since watching his video I have been informed by  that their Sausage Patty may be HFCS free, but it does contain dried corn syrup.  Use this link to find out How Much Fructose Is In Your Food.

Contrary to what the billion dollar, weight loss industry will have you believe, the recipe for losing weight is simple. Know how many calories you need to consume each day.  Follow this formula!                       (Body Weight) x 12 = (Your ideal calorie intake)

To lose weight you should only need to reduce 200 calories.  Much more than that and your body will attempt to combat starvation by increasing storage. So the formula for weight loss is:                                   [(Body Weight) x 12] – 200 cal = Weight Loss

Two other things you need to know. Fructose tricks your body’s insulin response, which is how your brain knows that you’ve consumed calories. This is why you can drink a 150 calorie soft drink and your body is still hungry. Also, the calories in the Formula need to be as Fructose free as possible, because the Liver converts 5 times more of it to fat.

As you can see, we do need a little help to lose weight. All your best effort may not be enough. The average women, now consumes 335 more calories than just 10 years ago. Compounding the problem is the increased presence of Fructose, making weight loss extremely challenging. There are now millions of people who will attest to the success from enlisting these individual supplements. I myself took the combination approach. That is, I used a small amount of each supplement daily and attacked the problem from all sides. Please read my testimonial on the website. Also, find out the Top 5, Best Things You Can Do to Lose Weight at

Everyone here at Nuegreen hopes that this information will help you in your effort to lose weight safely and responsibly. Please see our new Weight Loss category to find many of the items we offer. Feel free to email us at if you would like to know more about these supplements.

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